Our company which has done woven wire fabric and gauzes business since 1945 were maintaining to manufacture hand looms and primitive wheels in accordance with those days’ conditions for many years. This situation proceeded until the beginning of the 1960s. Then it started to develop itself technologically with changing conditions. Now it proceeds manufacturing automatically completely without the need of manpower and skill with all looms and apparatuses depending on computer technology completely.

Savaş Çelik Elek Tel üretim tesisi

In parallel, we started to manufacture various knits which are used in other industry branches and imported until now except gauzes in terms of product range. Leading one is food sector: various wire diameter and special knits in pores used in flour plants.

Our company, which has achieved this quality, is the only company that takes and uses the “TSE” quality certificate.

Since the establishment of our company, we are pleased to offer our customers with the quality production and service as always, in order to be worthy of the trust they have shown against our company as well as the encouragement and appreciation of our customers and clients spread over the country.

Best Regards.